Week one was a chaotic one in the Madden World League, but week two was something else. If there were any recurring themes among the games, they would be comebacks and fourth quarter shootouts. Plenty of teams were able to fight back late in the game to win or come close to victory.

Antarctica-22, Argentina-21

Coming off a dominant week one performance, the Penguins hoped to continue it against Argentina. However, a 3-0 lead after the first proved they were against a tougher opponent than Polynesia. Despite leading 22-0 after three quarters, they allowed 21 unanswered points, including a safety with less than a minute. However, the Penguins’ stifling defense was able to shut down the Lions’ offense and prevent them from moving downfield.

Ireland-28, Nordic-35

The Vikings took the 14-3 lead early, but lost it after a 22-point second quarter for the Greens. Down 25-14, the Vikings didn’t back down, scoring two unanswered touchdowns in the third to take back the lead. The Vikings extended the lead 35-25 early in the fourth, and the Greens attempted a comeback with a field goal, but an interception sealed their fate.

Netherlands-27, Russia-17

The Admirals and Snowtroopers held the lead at the end of the first three quarters, but the Netherlands’ lead after three proved to be the one that stuck. Powered by kicker Michael Ingram’s four field goals, the Admirals escaped Moscow with the ten-point win.

USA – 70, Egypt – 7

After being upset by Greenland in week one, many expected the Patriots to be exceptionally riled up for their next game against Egypt. Unfortunately for the Pharaohs, they were annihilated from start to finish, allowing 28 points after the first and being down 42-0 when they finally scored via a 95-yard kickoff return touchdown by Marcus Hudson. However, that was not enough to save the Pharaohs as the Patriots scored 28 more points in the second half to win 70-7.

Greenland-52, Canada-45

Like in week one, Greenland was the underdog against who many considered the second-best team in the division. Although the Bears held a 10-0 lead after the first quarter, they were outscored 31-18 in the second. 17 unanswered points by the Bears gave them back the lead in the third, though the Mounties tied the score with two touchdowns in the final quarter. A late touchdown with 16 seconds to go sealed the win for the Bears.

France-14, India-10

A game marred by poor offensive production on both sides, the Tigers fell behind early after allowing a 45-yard field goal, but scored 10 points to lead at halftime. The Revolution took the lead midway through the fourth quarter after scoring a touchdown and a two-point conversion, increasing the lead by 4 with a 56-yard field goal. With nine seconds left, the Tigers were unable to score on the kickoff return.

Mexico-20, Germany-27

A one-yard touchdown run put the Blitzkrieg in front after the first quarter, but the game escalated into a shootout as the game progressed, both teams scoring at least once in each other. In the end, the Coyotes drew within seven points after a field goal with a minute left, but Jeff Garcia threw an interception to end the game.

Australia-16, Brazil-24

A defensive slugfest with four turnovers on both sides, Brazil AFC led 10-6 at halftime. However, the Pythons took the lead at the end of the third, though Brazil scored two touchdowns to close the game.

North Korea-3, Mongolia-32

The Rockets, looking to rebound from their embarrassment in week one, sought to do so against the Chargers. Despite striking first with a field goal, Mongolia’s four field goals and two touchdowns were too much foe the Rockets to handle.

Samoa-10, Central America-27

With Troy Polamalu out for the season due to fracturing his upper arm, the Tribe was unable to contain the Eagles. In addition to allowing two field goals, they also allowed three touchdowns in the second half.

China-13, Polynesia-45

The Red Dragons were outmatched by the high-powered offense of the Pirates, falling behind 24-3 by halftime. Although they were able to score 10 points in the fourth quarter, it barely left a dent in the final score as the Pirates won 45-13.

Vietnam-37, Portugal-36

A typical game for the first three quarters, with neither team doing much scoring, the fourth quarter ignited the flames in both team’s offenses. Portugal scored three dramatic touchdowns of 56, 67 and 69 yards, the last of which gave them the 36-31 lead, but Vietnam’s Biff Vinh’s cool playmaking skills guided the Heat to the game-winning touchdown with two seconds left.

Japan-14, Spain-17

Spain took the lead with an early field goal and never looked back. Japan came close by scoring 11 unanswered points in the fourth quarter, but it was not enough to overtake Spain’s 17 points.

Italy-30, Greece-7

In a clash of ancient European cultures, the war waged was one that would thrill the Colosseum. 9 sacks were accounted for on both sides, but Italy’s playcalling was enough to lift them to victory.

Taiwan-0, UK-49

Little, if any, experts predicted Taiwan would be able to put up a fight against the United Kingdom. Those who did were definitely proven wrong. Guided by quarterback Phil Wallace’s five touchdowns, the Royals routed the Thunder 49-0.

Puerto Rico-3, South Korea-19

A game completely dominated by field goals, the lone touchdown was a 58-yard touchdown pass by the Navy. Otherwise, five total field goals were kicked as the Navy survived 19-3.

Players of the Week

Offense: Matt Parker (QB, USA) – 20/27, 240 yards, 4 TD, 9 carries, 120 yards, 3 TD

Defense: Mitch Murphy (LB, Brazil) -14 tackles, 2 sacks, 1 FF