Yesterday, a Reddit user named /u/Fisha695 posted a thread to /r/StadiumSuperTrucks expressing their interest in a Stadium Super Trucks video game.  I agree with that sentiment, but I do not believe a standalone SST game would be successful considering the series is still relatively small in popularity compared to others.

Having the same concern as me, they proposed expanding the game’s horizon to focus on series founder Robby Gordon.  The post states:

Have the SST series be the main focus of the game including all the tracks the series has ever ran on (yes including the first season with the stadium tracks), maybe have a side-by-side based division and something that looks like a trophy kart (“mini-SST”) division too. Then to highlight his road racing & stockcar experience have sort of a generic series that has cars that look like the current Trans-Am series Camaro, Challenger & Mustang along with a handful of road courses & ovals either real or fictional (including the ones used for the SST tracks). Maybe find a way to add some sort of Indycar in there too on the road courses & ovals.

In a way, it would be like the DiRT games, which feature a variety of racing series (mostly focused on off-road racing like trophy trucks and rallycross) all in one.  While the SST could easily be featured in a DiRT or Forza game (as they were in Forza Horizon 2), I feel like taking it to another level by having them be the star of the show would be awesome.  Most racing games feature some sort of “theme,” like DiRT having mostly off-road events and Forza Motorsport being circuit racing.  In this case, I will follow the same idea that Fisha695 had of the theme being Robby Gordon.  Gordon has competed in many types of racing series during his career, including stock cars, sports cars, off-road vehicles, open-wheel cars and, of course, the Stadium Super Trucks.  With five forms of racing to choose from, there would be plenty of enjoyment to go around.  In the spirit of Tony Hawk, let’s call this game Robby Gordon’s Pro Racer.

Since CART no longer exists, I would assume the guys developing Pro Racer would have no problem replicating Gordon’s cars (provided they don’t copy the sponsors as well).  Unlike the Indy Racing League, CART is more of a street circuit / road course-based series, meaning open-wheel cars would be dominated by those tracks.

While we’re on the topic of road racing, Gordon ran sports cars in the early 1990s, where he won four straight classes in the Rolex 24 in addition to competing in Trans-Am.  I picture the sports cars running the same tracks as the open-wheel cars, but with a longer race length (to symbolize endurance racing).  If people don’t know why there’s two road racing series in the game, sports cars would be meant for a more “aggressive” driving style compared to open-wheel cars, so the dirtier player would probably want to run around in this.

Due to licensing concerns, we obviously won’t see actual NASCAR teams and drivers in the game.  Instead, I was thinking it could be one of the two forms: IROC cars (which should be outdated enough to be included without much concern) or just generic stock cars, preferably those that look like the Gen-4 cars of NASCAR as they were the bodies that Gordon won his two Cup Series races in.  In contrast to the open-wheelers, the stock cars would feature plenty of oval tracks, though with some crossover since CART ran some oval races as well.

Next up, we have off-road.  When I say off-road, I don’t mean short course racing, but Baja racing like from Point A to Point B.  The only problem I have with this is that it might be hard to program due to the sheer size of the “track,” so let’s assume they make a shorter one.  Off-road racing is Gordon’s specialty, it only makes sense to try to add it.

And finally, the crown jewel of Robby Gordon’s Pro Racer: the Stadium Super Trucks.  The series that combines all five forms of racing mentioned above into one.  Aggressive racing in off-road trucks on street circuits (with jumps!), it’s the main course for this game.  I picture this portion of the game racing on every track the series has run on, including the street circuits of today to the stadiums of the past.  Hell, we could even make it more interesting by throwing in the Arctic Cat Side-By-Side series as a bonus form of racing.

Will we ever see a game like this?  It’s unlikely that it will be like how I mentioned, but I would not be surprised to see an SST game in the future.  /u/omgpirate commented on Fisha695’s post by saying, “Having spoken to the people in charge of SST/ Marketing. I can tell you that they are exploring options for a video game, although a stand alone game might not be in the cards just yet.”

I guess that means we’ll have to wait.  I’ll definitely be setting aside some money for when it comes out.